Our experienced veterinary surgeons are skilled in range of procedures, including:

  • neuterings
  • exploratory surgeries
  • tumour removals
  • biopsies
  • caesareans
  • cryosurgery
  • airway procedures, such as soft palate resection and nares surgery
  • orthopaedic surgery – including fracture repairs and cruciate repair
  • dental surgery

The operating theatre is world-class, with superior anaesthetic machines and a range of surgical instruments. Our veterinarians have extensive experience with both soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures. We have the facilities and experience to offer a wide variety of surgeries, including; elective caesareans, cruciate repairs (including lateral sutures/ fabella ties and Tibial Tuberosity Advancements), and airway surgery.

In our modern sterile operating theatre, your pet receives the best possible care, all the while being attended closely by a veterinary nurse using up-to-date monitoring equipment.

We see a lot of dental disease in our furry patients. Our  modern im3 dental machine allows us to clean up those pearly whites and keep them healthy. In the event that the teeth are beyond our help, we can safely extract them and leave your pet with a healthy pain free mouth.

operating theatredental unit